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New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction Accident Injuries

New York is the city of dazzling skyscrapers, bridges and historical monuments, and the construction industry is booming. There is always something new being built. Walk down any street in New York, and you’ll see countless construction workers perched on scaffolding, or engaged in other actions, hard at work. Unfortunately, construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces, and construction workers are at high risk of suffering serious injuries. If you were injured on a construction site, the Law Offices of Justin Brandel will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Why Construction Sites Are So Dangerous

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, construction workers are at high risk for injury or death: In fact, about one out of every five worker deaths in the USA occur on construction sites. Some common ways construction site injuries happen are:

  • Falls
  • Electrocutions
  • Machinery malfunctions
  • Being struck by a heavy object
  • Caught in or between
  • Exposure to toxins

Many of these injuries or deaths were entirely preventable. New York law has provisions to protect construction workers. Under Labor Law 240, workers who are performing duties at high elevations must be provided with specific safety gear. Although construction workers have the right to workers’ compensation benefits, the amount of compensation can be shockingly low. As most construction sites have third party contractors, it is crucial that you have your injury claim evaluated by attorney Justin Brandel. Identifying a third party who holds liability can allow you to recover compensation far beyond what you can expect through workers’ compensation.

How You Can Receive Compensation

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