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Injured in a slip and fall accident?

Here in the New York/New Jersey region, we are accustomed to tough winters. Anyone who’s lived here for a few years knows that extra care needs to be taken during the colder months to stay safe. We know to wear boots with good traction, walk cautiously, and avoid the icy spots as best we can. We also trust friends and business owners to keep their walkways clear and safe for us. On occasion, that doesn’t happen, and the result is often a dangerous or deadly icy slip and fall accident. If you were hurt in an icy slip and fall accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can seek full financial compensation with the help of our personal injury attorney.

Why Icy Slip and Fall Accidents Are So Dangerous

Ice and snow are no laughing matter. Individuals and businesses must take precautions to keep visitors safe. For example, parking lots and sidewalks should be shoveled or plowed clear of snow. Clearing and salting walkways and steps is an important part of keeping patrons, employees, visitors and those in the area safe from harm. In many cases, a slip on the ice causes only a minor injury. On other occasions, icy slip and fall accidents can cause serious, or life-changing injuries. Icy slip and fall victims often suffer the following injuries:

  • Broken bones. These can take a months to heal, and often leave the injured person unable to work, or with long term health consequences.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Some spinal cord injuries result in permanent disabilities, while others may heal, to some degree, over time.
  • Back injuries. A back injury can be exceptionally difficult to treat. It may take many months or even years for a back injury to be resolved, if ever.
  • Brain injuries. Symptoms of concussion and more serious traumatic brain injuries can result in physical and cognitive impairments.

If you have experienced any of these or other serious injuries, you deserve compensation. If the fall was the result of another party’s negligence, you have the right to pursue a fair settlement. It’s not easy to do alone, however. You need the help of an attorney who will fight hard for your rights and interests.

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