12-Year Old’s Crushed Helmet in Brooklyn Bike Accident Highlights Danger

The crushed bicycle helmet of a 12-year old in Borough Park, Brooklyn in a September collision with a Lexus sedan is a stark reminder of how dangerous NYC roads are for bicyclists and just how critical wearing a helmet can be in protecting your life. Pictures of the helmet show it mangled and torn into at least three pieces after the accident. No doubt as a result of wearing the helmet, the 12-year old was able to survive the impact with the Lexus, and was taken to Maimonedes Hospital in serious but stable condition and placed into surgery. A witness described the gruesome scene to the New York Post, saying, “I heard the sound, boom! And I ran outside. I saw the (boy) on the ground bleeding from his face…his whole head was covered in blood.”

The 2015 Lexus GS350 was driven by an unidentified 24-year old at the time it collided into the 12-year old at the intersection of Dahill and Cortelyou at 7 AM on a September Wednesday morning. Police arrived at the scene and appeared to conclude that the collision was an accident and did not issue a summons.

The Lifesaving Impact of Bicycle Helmets

The fact that the 12-year old was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision with the Lexus no doubt lowered the severity of the injuries and is a stark reminder to us all of the importance of wearing bicycle helmets. Research into bicycle accident statistics indicate that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of severe brain and head injuries by 66% to 88%, even when there is a collision with a motor vehicle. Because brain and head injuries are often catastrophic injuries severely impacting a person’s life and ability to perform basic bodily functions for decades and beyond, wearing a helmet while bike riding thus becomes critical.

Several days after the accident, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board said that they were still unclear why the accident had occurred. The investigation continues, however, and the engineer’s cellphone has been taken into custody for analysis, and drone footage and other surveillance footage was also being analyzed. Officials had retrieved a data recorder, similar to the “black box” retrieved in airline crashes, from the train, but it had malfunctioned. A second data recorder, however, was later retrieved and is being analyzed for further clues into the causes of the horrific accident.

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