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Hoboken Train Crash Injures 114 People, Kills One what appears to be the largest crash in the history of the New Jersey transit system, a light rail Pascack Valley Line train careened into the Hoboken Terminal on the September 29, apparently without lowering its speed, and slammed into the terminal wall itself. The crash caused injuries to 114 people and one death. The injuries mostly occurred to passengers on the train itself who were jostled by the impact of the train, but injuries also occurred to people waiting on the platform due to structural damage to the terminal. The single fatality resulted when debris from the terminal ceiling fell on a 34-year old woman due to the impact of the train hitting the terminal wall.

The Cause of the Accident Remains Unclear

Authorities have been investigating the Hoboken train crash but have not released conclusions on the cause of the accident. The operator of the train, a 29-year veteran of the New Jersey rail system, claims that the train was moving at the appropriate speed of 10 MPH as it approached the station, but also said he has no memory of the moments leading up to the crash and that the first thing he remembered was waking up in the cab of the train after the crash. The engineer’s report of the speed of the train contradicts witnesses who have said that the train appeared to have not slowed down as it entered the terminal.

Several days after the accident, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board said that they were still unclear why the accident had occurred. The investigation continues, however, and the engineer’s cellphone has been taken into custody for analysis, and drone footage and other surveillance footage was also being analyzed. Officials had retrieved a data recorder, similar to the “black box” retrieved in airline crashes, from the train, but it had malfunctioned. A second data recorder, however, was later retrieved and is being analyzed for further clues into the causes of the horrific accident.

Help is Available for Train and Subway Injuries

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