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Auto Accident Injury Claims: Legal Strategies That Work Share

Not only can auto accidents be traumatic events with long-lasting health consequences, they also leave the injured with significant financial stress. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an auto accident that was not your fault, then it is your legal right to seek monetary compensation from the responsible party.

Sometimes it is possible to negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance company outside of court, but in some cases, it is necessary to move forward to trial. Whatever the specifics of your car accident injury claim may be, the likelihood of recovering the damages to which you are entitled is dramatically increased when you enlist the services of a personal injury attorney with a breadth of experience in auto accident cases and a track record of high value settlements and verdicts.

Legal Approaches to Car Accident Injury Claims

While no two cases are the same, there are various legal strategies that can assist the injured to have the best chance at a favorable outcome. At The Law Offices of Justin D. Brandel, we are committed to assessing the facts in your case and choosing the legal avenue that is most appropriate and advantageous. Our strategic approach in car accident injury claims may involve one or more of the following actions:

  1. Don’t accept the first settlement offer the insurance company makes. Despite what they may say, the insurance company is not concerned about protecting your interests; they are trying to get the case settled, and reduce the value of the claim. The first offer is rarely reasonable. The insurance company hopes to settle before you engage the services of skilled legal counsel, and may even try to dissuade you from speaking with an attorney.
  2. Think beyond the most obvious damages. While medical bills and the direct costs of repairs to your car are easy to quantify, you are entitled to far more compensation than these obvious categories. Other common expenses that can be recovered in a personal injury case include medical bills that multiply in cases of serious injury, lost wages due to the inability to function normally, the cost of repairing or replacing other property that may have been inside your vehicle, transportation costs, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. In the case of catastrophic injuries with lasting impact, loss of quality of life and loss of future wages/earning potential will come into play.
  3. Demonstrate clear negligence by the other driver. In order to recover compensation, it will have to be established that another driver was at fault for the accident and engaged in negligent driving behavior. Whether the case involves a drunk driver, distracted driver, speeding, texting or other issue, evidence must be presented to establish these facts. Often a police report clearly outlines which driver was at fault. Other evidence may include pictures of the accident scene, witness accounts, and other documentation.

Contact an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

It is of great importance to your future health, both personally and financially, that you enlist the services of a car accident injury attorney who knows the law and who will advocate for your best interests. At the Law Offices of Justin D. Brandel, we have an impressive track record of favorable outcomes in auto accident cases, so give us a call today.

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