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Filing an Injury Claim After Being Hit By a Taxi in New York

Filing an Injury Claim After Being Hit By a Taxi in New York

The sight of yellow taxi cabs part of the fabric of New York City. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, taxis are a big part of life in our city. Unfortunately, the high numbers of cabs make it far more likely that a pedestrian can be hit by a taxi. Accidents involving taxis often have very serious consequences. In the period between July 2014 and September 2015, 43 licensed taxi (or limousine) 43 licensed taxi (or limousine) drivers were involved in accidents that caused serious injury or death in New York City.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a taxi, you will need to speak with an experienced attorney. Once you file an injury claim, you may be able to receive compensation for costs associated with your injuries. The damages include the costs of treatment, lost wages, as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering or loss of quality of life. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on an individual basis. Our firm can help.

What to Do After Being Hit By a Taxi

After being hit by a taxi in New York, it’s important that you take the following key steps:

  • If you are able, note the name of the driver, and the taxi cab’s number. This information is displayed in the cab.
  • Call the police to the scene of the accident, even if it appears to be a minor injury. The police report can be a critical part of the evidence in an injury claim.
  • Get medical attention. The adrenaline produced by the body after an accident can mask serious injuries. Closed head injuries can be fatal if not treated at once.
  • If you can, get contact information from witnesses who observed the accident.
  • Continue to monitor your medical state. Injuries and symptoms of trauma can take several days to surface. Keep notes on your physical condition, and ensure that you inform your doctor that you were hit by a taxi while crossing the street so it is noted in your medical records.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to manage your claim or lawsuit to recover compensation.
  • Do not make a statement to an insurance company representative who contacts you without first speaking with your lawyer.

Help For Victims Hit By Taxi Drivers

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