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What are the Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrian Accidents in New York

What are the Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrian Accidents in New York

There are few experiences like being a pedestrian in New York City — people walk quickly to catch trains and buses and get to work on time; the sheer amount of people can fill the sidewalk and pour out onto the street, and as a pedestrian you are practically rubbing elbows with taxis, buses, cars, livery cabs, uber/lyft cars, and even pedicabs and horse carriages. While learning to get around the city quickly and efficiently is one of the survival mechanisms people pick up in living in the city, all too often an accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle can result in serious injury to the pedestrian, and even death. In fact, pedestrians involved in collisions with vehicles in New York City are ten times more likely to be injured than an occupant of the vehicle. You probably hear about random pedestrian accidents around the city from newspapers and the evening news, but, putting all the data together, there are some intersections that have historically been more dangerous than others for pedestrian accidents in New York.

The Ten Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrian Accidents

The most recent data put together by the New York City Department of Transportation indicates that, with regard to pedestrian fatalities, the ten most dangerous intersections for pedestrian accidents in New York City are as follows:

  • W. 57th Street and Eighth Avenue (Manhattan)
  • Webster Avenue and East Gun Hill Road (Bronx)
  • Neptune Avenue and Ocean Parkway (Brooklyn)
  • Albany Crescent and Bailey Avenue (Bronx)
  • White Plains Road and Morris Park Avenue (Bronx)
  • Brighton Beach Avenue and Coney Island Avenue (Brooklyn)
  • Nostrand Avenue and Avenue Z (Brooklyn)
  • Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue (Brooklyn)
  • Third Avenue and E. 57th Street (Manhattan)
  • W. 57th Street and Sixth Avenue (Manhattan)

What’s notable is that, while we often hear about pedestrian accidents that occur in the more dense areas of Manhattan, pedestrian accidents happen all over the five boroughs and, for those involved, they can cause serious and long-lasting injuries requiring high medical bills, lost time at work, and months and years of pain and suffering.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

Because pedestrian accidents often involve a devastating impact on the human body, it is critical to get immediate medical attention after any accident, even one that does not appear serious, as there can be internal issues that need attention. Furthermore, it will likely be necessary to document your injuries through a medical examination in order to claim compensation and/or damages from an insurer or through a pedestrian accident claim.

It is also important to contact the police to come and document the accident in order to present a strong evidentiary showing in a later claim, and to get contact information from eyewitnesses who may have seen and/or taken pictures of the accident. Finally, contacting a pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs can be a critical step to being able to obtain a speedy and comprehensive recovery for all of your injuries.

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