What to Do After You Have Been Hit By a Car

Getting hit by a car is sadly not that uncommon of an experience in New York City, especially at densely populated intersections throughout Manhattan and the other boroughs. With taxis, trucks, and cars (including Uber, Lyft, and livery cars) sharing the roads with dense masses of pedestrians and bicyclists, collisions are bound to happen. In the unfortunate situation you are hit by a car or other vehicle, here is a quick rundown of what to do after you have been hit by a car:

Too Many Injuries and Deaths to People Hit by a Car While Crossing the Street

In many ways, New York City is fantastic for pedestrians. The city is easy to navigate, and moving through the city by foot can be a pleasant activity. Unfortunately, pedestrians are also very vulnerable in New York. According to the New York City Department of Transportation, pedestrians accounted for 52% of all fatal traffic accidents […]